Fricango is an application that wants to cover the gap left behind by already establish food ordering application in the sector.
The app main objective is to allow everyone with different background to have a place where they can easily pick their app and order favourite food, in just few steps.

Follow me to see how I empathize, ideate, design, test and deliver the final product to our users.


Many African living in Milano Area and surrounding don’t have a specific app or a section on any other application where they can actually order ethnic food.


Work along with the team by conducting user research to understand how we can create a better app that will help them to get ethnic food.

My Role

I am the Product design.

I was in charge to work 
closely with the developers 
and stakeholders.


I used world leading tools that will help me to quickly kickstart the project and connect all of them into one space.

Why this project?

When I started learning UX design with Google, I choose this project because growing up in Milano Area, It very difficult for people like myself that are not from ethnic European and especially Italian to find a place, a restaurant where they prepare and sell African Food. So with Fricango, I tried to go deeper to understand how I can help my community.


To empathizing with my participants, I started elaborating the right questions that I’ll ask them. I chose people from African and South American community because they’re more impacted. All questions are based on the project Goal.

Interview as done remotely by asking my participants to give my at 30 minutes of their precious time. I was very neutral in questions by not telling about the type of project to the participants .

User Research Summary

After doing my research, It comes out that many African has tried 
to buy African food online but didn’t get 
what they were expected. 
Some restaurants were far from them, and also, 
It takes much longer to get the food they ordered.

Paint Points

  • No close restaurant that offers African or Ethnic food
  • It takes too long to get the food using a delivery service.
  • Current competitors offers only certain type of payments getaway.



My ideation start with how our users are going to navigate though the app, so I ideate the app sitemap first. Any new or old users will have the capacity to search for meals and restaurants

They can also search meals or restaurants by ethnic group categories like African, Asian, European and everything else.
If they had their account already set, they can go in the settings page and update their data and payments method.

Digital Wireframes
Digital wireframes is the part of design I’ve enjoyed doing because it helps to understand more how the app will appear on our users screens.

The first low-fidelity version of the app shows how users will navigate through the app. It also helps to understand what can be improve while having a demo with colleagues and stakeholders.  

Usability Study

To understand how I give a better version of the app to our users, I’d conducted an unmoderated study with participants from the app goal background. I’d asked them to give me about thirty minutes of their times to conduct to usability study.


After conducting my usability study with participants, they gave more insights which address some issues on the actual design that I will update .

You can try the high fidelity version of the app following this link.


Adding text under the icons of button in bottom menu is a key point that will let users with disabilities to navigate through the app with assistive assistance.

Using the right color and font is essential factor that will allow users with limited vision to stay focus while using the app.

Adding a label under icons and most used elements of the app with help users that uses Screen Reader Tech.

I’m Available to work with amazing team to solve user centred problems. So let’s connect and create something amazing.