The Product

Athletics is a responsive web platform that wanted to give Professional Athletes, even after they’re retired, a place where they can still in contact with their fans; and most importantly, offers them the tools their need to guide young Athletes.


Pro Athletes don’t have the platform to remain in 
connection with their fans, even after 
they’re retire from the sport. 
Fans doesn’t have the right platform 
to communicate with their fav Athletes.


Make sure Athletes, even after retired from 
the sports, can stays connected to the 
fans through a community.
Offer them a tools to organise and help 
young generations that wanted to improve 
themself as Athletes.


I am the Product design. 
I was in charge to work 
closely with the developers 
and stakeholders.


User research, Paper & digital wireframes, 
UI design, conduct usability study.


February 2023 – March 2023

User Research Summary

Most Athletes playing or practicing in different field don’t 
have enough time to spend with their Fans due to lack of 
platform and tools.

Some fans doesn’t even know where they can connect with 
their fav athletes even after the later aren’t 
practicing anymore.

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