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My Personal AbodeXD Top 10 Plugins

Mon Nov 30, 2020 | 2 Mins Read

I’m a user interface/user experience designer and that means all of my time, I spend in front of my favourite design tool to improve my self and skills. I’m a big fan of Adobe XD since the company released it.

Today, I’m going to share with you, the list of my top 10 Plugins I’ve installed and used every day to work fast without switching from app to app.

Design More in less time

  1. Undraw - This is my most used library to quickly insert any type of SVG based image into my design without leaving the art-board. You can also modify it as you want directly from the undraw website and download the file.
  2. Lorem Ipsum - When prototyping a website, the most used elements are texts. You can have an eye-catching title but to fill empty paragraph space, Lorem Ipsum is the right plugin you need to generate them.
  3. Ui Faces - The simplest way to generate user faces into your design quickly. Just, draw a circle and it will suggest choosing one of the many user’s faces available, and you’re done.
  4. Pixels - Do you ever wonder where to get free and High-Quality photos from and then, insert them into the current design? Pixels is your answer. Search between thousands of free images from Unsplash without going to the website.
  5. Color Designer - With this plugin, you can create a unique set of colors and use them for your current work or integrate them into your design system.
  6. Task List - From the same maker of Pixels, it helps to create a list of things you want to archive or make without leaving your art-board.
  7. Quick Mockup - One of my favorites, create as fast as possible a mockup of the section (element of the page) or even the entire website you want to design.
  8. Confetti - The quickest way to generate shapes and forms with a click; Just create your elements a shape like a circle and confetti will generate more elements for you.
  9. Wireframer - Absolutely love this plugin. In just one click, you get the sample of the page or even the section of your design mockup. It looks like a bit to Quick Mockup but it’s doing a different thing here..
  10. Icons 4 Designer - Search between plenty of icons and add the ones you like into your work.

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