The Next Six Month

The Next Six Month

I just sat down and after some reflections, I’ve decide to dedicate some time to improve myself as maker and I want to share it with you.

On Monday, 31th of May, I was thinking about what have to do, to improve myself for the next 6 months of this year. To accomplish that I just took a paper with a pencil and wrote down the list.

First of all, I just move from Italy to Uk after 14 years so I’ve to understand how things work here even if we are in Europe (continent) the way people live here is very different from my lovely Italy… Transport, Driving, living cost, I mean a lot of information to relate and trust me, it not easy at all.

Side Projects

Life is boring. 9-to-5 is boring so since when I was in Italy, I massively invest in learning something new every year and it leads me to become a Creative Designer. I can do a lot of things with just my computer and an Internet connection.

  • Kareeba Marketplace - In 2016, I started that little side project, I didn’t commit to it for the first 3 and half year ‘cause I was busy helping friends with creating NGOs and working on some projects in Africa but after some good feedbacks from Afro-Italian and even Italian, I’ve decided to do more. I’ve hired someone to help to build a better marketplace for African Fashion makers & in the next 6 months I’ll focus on contacting more sellers, writing more blog posts to drive some traffic to the project.
  • Offdesign - In the mid of 2019 Pandemic, exactly June 2020, I started working on my second side project. It’s a mix of fail of other side projects I’ve done in the past, but this time, I want to stay focus on it. I choose to make a least one template or theme every week and share it on social media so people can give me some feedback on how I can improve it. It is a place where I will be building a template or theme based on Static Site Generator like Hugo, Bootstrap5. User Interface design made with Figma & AdobeXD.

Learning Path

I want to learn more JavaScript, so I will able to build amazing projects and who knows, maybe land a job in the sector… anyway, I set myself a goal of 2hours daily of learning & coding. I will also re-learn everything about modern CSS & HTML like Grid & Flexbox.

So this is the final list of my next 6 month Roadmap:

  • 2 hours of JavaScript Daily
  • 2 Blog Posts weekly
  • 1 User Interface Design Project Weekly
  • Reach / Search at least one or two potentials seller for kareeba