Daily Top Applications

Daily Top Applications

I started my journey as graphic designer 12 years ago and been creating logos, flyers and other stuff for clients. My entire career was created by using Adobe Creative Cloud tools. Photoshop for images editing, illustrator for logo, flyers and brochures, and many more.

The switch

In mid 2019 I was focused more on programming than design so I left creative cloud and start using free or less costly app. Here is my list .

  • Affinity Designer : my daily app to make logo - I convert all my ai files into eps so I can easily change them.
  • Colours and fonts : it’s full of tools especially color palettes with which you can easily copy and past in your art board to give a modern look to your projects.
  • Adobe XD : even if I’m trying to leave to Adobe ecosystem, this tool still my one to go to make quickly any prototype. Is for the moment, my UI design tool.
  • Atom : as a beginner web developer, this is one of my favorite app. It is build by GitHub so I can connect my repository and push my projects there.
  • Unsplash : free and unlimited stock photo for everyone. I love it, their Adobe XD plugin allows me to easily find a photo and put into my design.
  • unDraw : free and open source illustration for your needs.
  • Notion : The place where I took all my notes. For example, I wrote this post on it.
  • GitHub : when I started coding for real, I learned that I can easily upload all my stuff there so do I. Clients website and side projects are hosted on it.

More Free Resources

For more tools, you can check offdesign